What we offer

Young Adult Career Guidance

 The decisions we make about our career need to be made in conjunction with what we actually want to get out of work. For example, do you want to build a career so you can become the boss? Do you want to start companies, be an entrepreneur but then sell them on to start a new one? Do you want to support your lifestyle and just work if and when you want to? Do you want to be challenged and the ‘best’ at what you do – not necessarily be the boss?

Understanding this about yourself will help and guide you to make the choices now that will safe you frustrations later on in your career! We unpack all these aspects as we consider the ways that you are smart and unique. Are you people smart, good with numbers and patterns or are you naturally good with language? And how does this impact the decisions you need to make now? This process will help you in all of these aspects.

Work-Life Integration

In a fast-changing world, boundaries are being stretched. We need to take care of ourselves and our families, as well as build the careers we want and stay focused enough to make the choices that will help us to thrive! This journey will re-align your thinking. You can do the 2 questionnaires yourself and think and ponder to make your own decisions. Or you can opt in for guided support and conversations with us. We take the process one step at a time. No added pressure, just clarity!

Parent Support

As parents we are navigating our own journeys, as well as helping our children to build the tool kits they will need to navigate their own lives. This page will give you options and support to do this. We welcome your input and questions, and will post what is relevant to parenting children across the different stages. We partner with experts in children education to help you on this journey; check out the video’s below to start your journey.

Team Dynamics

A simple cycle that guide our process

Personal Effectiveness: Working with Insights Discovery or Integrative Enneagram

Understanding Stress: The effects on my purpose, my team, and my family

Preparing for the Unknown: Learning how change is an opportunity we don’t want to miss!