Zesty-Soul was founded in 2016 and has been supporting leaders, teams and internal learning consultants to deliver multitudes of training on empowering teams and individuals. We unpack where people get stuck and work at those points. We help realize vision and deliver targets. We don’t like wasting time!

Our niche is enablement.  We support through 1-1 thinking partnerships, small group skills training, team building and alignment sessions. We use the science of learning to strengthen new habits and have lots of fun in the process!

We have facilitated groups of 250, delivered key-notes and embarked on 1-1 training sessions and coaching to zone in on the specific skills people need. Coaching sessions are sometimes in the office, sometimes at coffee shops, on a long walk or on the driving range. Needs differ and we consider that when we meet our clients.

We facilitate and work best when a journey is supported by a development partner either at work or at home – someone to hold you accountable. Our aim is sustainable behavior change.