Bringing Soul into Learning

At the heart of learning, is our motivation to want to learn. Learning happens when we pay attention to the world around us. At an individual level, we need to be present enough to learn quickly and apply immediately.

Zesty Soul was born out of a need for flexibility in learning. We need to learn what is relevant in the time we have available, and apply our thinking, attention and motivation to make the shifts needed quickly. We redefine the classroom; coffee shops, meeting rooms, a walk down the Cape Town Promenade, a climb onto Lions Head, or the window-less room down the corridor!

Our mission is “not to waste time”. We respect busy lives and limited capacity. We appreciate that the answer is normally obvious and that multiple methods may have already been tried. We know that knowledge is power, and that habits are difficult to break. At Zesty-Soul, we use this knowledge to shape our sessions. Our journey start with what you have already tried and learned with regards to the topic, and we build capacity from thát point.

At an organizational level, leaders have to grow in this amazingly fast-paced world. And they have to get their employees on board too.

The question is: How do we link what we know our organization need, with the individual at the core of making those new plans work.

How do we get them to adopt new ways as soon as possible, and what is the environment needed for them to contribute their thoughts and ideas proactively?

This is where we partner with you.